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Hurricane Sandy Devastated the New York Aquarium

New York Aquarium

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The animals are lucky to have you all! I can't wait to run another #wcs 5K there!


Just wanted to say what a fantastic job the staff of the NY Aquarium did in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and its contued efforts to keep the animals healthy. I grew up less than a mile from there and my parents would take me there on my birthday each year. I did this well into my thirties, and when they passed away, I took my family. To the staff and their families and healthy and happy holiday season!


just sending love on a rainy friday to the fantastic NYA staff and community, and all the creatures they care for



A great big THANK YOU to all those dedicated animal caretakers who not only stayed through the storm but worked many hours in the days and week following to make sure the animals were taken care of. Hans and Martha I send you special Thanks ♥


We love going to the Aquarium with Grandma and Gramps. Please get better soon.

Rachel and Lillian

Thank you so much for all your hard work and continuing to care for the animals while facing your own hardship and struggles.



Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in caring for the animals at the aquarium during and after sandy.


Hey guys, I took my girlfriend here for her birthday right before the storm hit, and it sucks to see it devastated like that. Hope you guys rebuild better than before and I'm looking forward to paying another visit once you reopen!


Thank you for hanging in there, and for protecting all the animals during this crisis! Thank you for your dedication!



The goodies the docents and i made to thank the aquarium staff for working at the aquarium through the storm and putting it back together :)


I am one of the members of breeding a walrus in a Japanese aquarium. I pray for the restoration from Japan.


Keep up the FIN-TASTIC work guys! My daughter and I will be back home to visit once you guys are up and running (err, swimming) again!



Thank You all so much for your hard work and dedication. Your efforts have been truly amazing.


I heard a lot of stories about what the staff went through and I am completely awed by how amazing they were in the face of panic and danger. The aquarium, its animals and staff are such an icon for Brooklyn and to think that it could have faced such devastation breaks my heart. The animals are so blessed to have such a dedicated team. Thank you for selflessly putting their welfare before your own.


Your steadfast devotion to caring for and taking care of these beautiful creatures is beyond words. If they could thank-you I'm sure they would, for now, I'm just going to send a huge HUG to all of you for all you have done and all you continue to do for those in your care. ♥ Hang in there!



The NY Aquarium holds a million memories. Thank You, Aquarium Staff, for working to ensure a million more.


Thanks for doing all you're doing - I wish i could do more than just donate funds, but i am doing that. Thank you for doing the REAL work.



To everyone working to restore the aquarium, thank you for all you're doing!


Thank you to the animal lovers out there. I look forward to visiting when all is rebuilt.


JThank you to the staff - from BRAZIL!!!! :D


Thank you to the aquarium staff for working so hard to get our aquarium back. My two boys, my husband, and I love our visits to the aquarium and we'll miss it. We are looking forward to the day that we'll get to go back.


Just posting to say thank you to the staff for the hard work you do! Up from North Carolina for a few days doing a Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue transport and to see a Broadway play. We would visit if we could; but we understand and support what you are doing!



From all of us in DC and Baltimore, we just wanted to say we love you

National Aquarium

Thanks GUys!!!



just keep on your Happy Feet! pic is 2 months prior to hurricane


Thank you so much for your passion, dedication and amazing ethical commitment. Please don't ever think your efforts go unnoticed! You are all very dedicated and it is a pride to New Yorkers. Happy holidays!


I want to thank the staff for all their efforts to help the animals at the aquarium since Hurricane Sandy. I hope that the Aquarium will be back up and operational again!



Thank you to all the amazing staff at NY Aquarium! We're wish you the best from our team here at @natlaquarium :)


I thank the staff for their efforts to save all the fish and the marine mammals.


I have such wonderful memories of going to the Coney Island Aquarium (as we referred to it) from my own childhood (in the 1960s) & that of my 3 children (in the late 1980s & 90s) - when we would come in from Maine to visit. Thank you (from the animals who can't speak for themselves) & from visitors - past, present & future - for working so hard to get the aquarium back in good working order, after Sandy.


We miss the New York Aquarium and hope for a speedy return. Thank you to the staff and volunteers for your efforts.


Glad to hear you all survived the hurricane and kept the animals safe!!! You are heroes in our books



Sofia and Eliza

Thank you so much for your passion, dedication and amazing ethical commitment to the fantastic event that is the aquarium. Please don't ever think your efforts go unnoticed! I only wish that a employee-based family I've seen anywhere in my many travels was even half as dedicated as yours. Brightest blessings this holiday season!


Thank you so much to the staff at the New York Aquarium for all the wonderful work you guys and girls do for us animal lovers. Thank You, thank you, thank you.



My son loves your Aquarium. Thank you for everything. I hope it can be rebuild.


My family and I appreciate all the hard work... we can't wait to check out the new and improved NYC Aquarium


Thank you for taking such amazing care of all the animals, and working non stop on the clean up! You guys are all heroes!


Thanks to all the staff--and a special thanks to the communications team. You guys are really pulling it together at a crucial time. Congrats.



Georgia Aquarium's Guest Programs team sends our thoughts and our love! Y'all hang in there!


Thanks to the staff and volunteers for saving lives! We've been coming to the Aquarium for as long as I can remember and are grateful that all our "friends" are being so well cared for!



Thank you to the staff for all of your hard work and dedication... the Aquarium is one our family's favorite places to visit. My daughters are very happy to know that the animals are safe and we cannot wait to visit when you reopen!


Thank you for preserving this precious place and saving the creatures! This way my nephew and future children get to enjoy it too :-)


THANK YOU! Thank you for saving the precious marine life in the aquarium!!! We look forward to being able to visit again and am SO very happy that the aquarium will eventually reopen. ♥ Thank you again!!!!




Thank You for saving the marine life in the aqurium ♥ we all appreciate it as well as the cute sea creatures do, even if sandy hit it hard im so glad they are ok :)))

Smile Hope Love


Thank you for providing so many memories.


Thank You To The Staff 4 All You Do 2 Help The Aquarium... You Are An Example Of The Good Heart That People Have When They Think About SomeOne Or Thing Other Than Them Selves -- Ty All The Way From Texas


Heart-breaking for me to see photos of the damage to the aquarium. Can't imagine what it is like for you guys. How can the average New Yorker help most effectively?


To our grantee @NYAquarium and its wonderful staff, thank you for your dedication through the storm.We can't wait til you're back

Bklyn Community Fdn



Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the animals. The world needs more people like all of you.


Thanks for helping those that couldn't help themselves! Great job!