Aquarium Bounces Back after Superstorm Sandy

April 4, 2013

Hurricane Sandy damaged the New York Aquarium and much of Coney Island, causing the Brooklyn institution to temporarily close its doors. After announcing a partial reopening slated for late spring 2013, Jon Dohlin, the Director of the Aquarium, spoke with the New York Daily News about the Aquarium's past and future.

During fall 2012, Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on Coney Island and caused significant damage to the New York Aquarium. For months, the Aquarium has been closed to the public as staffers devotedly repair the damaged site. 

Now, Director Jon Forrest Dohlin shares that the New York Aquarium will open its doors during late spring 2013. Although some exhibits will be closed to the public, more than 80 percent of the collection is intact. Upon reopening, visitors will be able to see some of their favorite marine animals, among them walruses, sea lions, otters, and angelfish. 

Speaking to the New York Daily News, Dohlin says, "We want to be here, and we also want to be able to talk to the community about what we did, how we handled this, and how the city of New York can start to look toward the future of living in this coastal environment."

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